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Incident Reports

The Hazmat Fusion Center collects incident reports in 2 ways:

  • Through Regional Incident Survey Teams that produce reports after surveying real hazmat incidents nationwide. These reports include Executive Summaries available on the public website as well as full detailed reports available on the Members Only portal.
  • Through the Incident Reporting System where hazmat teams voluntarily submit their own incident reports. Some summary reports are available to the public, but most information is on the Members Only portal.

What is the Hazmat Fusion Center Incident Reporting System?

The Hazmat Fusion Center Incident Reporting System is a voluntary system that hazmat teams can use to enter their hazmat incident reports. By entering incidents, they are able to do their own analytics and produce valuable team statistics. No one else, not even the Hazmat Fusion Center, has access to the team's identifiable data in their incident reports. The Hazmat Fusion Center will only look at higher level information in order to produce regional and national statistics and trends. Please consider registering your hazmat team to use the incident reporting system so the Hazmat Fusion Center can create a national picture for hazardous materials response. Read the Incident Reporting System User Guide.

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