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 Hazmat History

Hazmat History section offers responders an opportunity to learn from the past and apply those lessons learned to future incidents for a more successful outcome. This coincides with the overarching mission of the Fusion Center – to improve hazmat responder safety and enhance the decision-making process during pre-planning and mitigation of hazmat incidents. 

Featured Case Study: Miamisburg, Ohio Train Derailment



July 8, 1986 at 4:25 pm, a southbound Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company (B&O) freight train Southland Flyer (SLFR) derailed. The train consisted of a locomotive and 44 cars traveling over the bridge spanning Bear Creek near Miamisburg, Ohio. The train was traveling at 72 km/h (45 mph), was equipped with an 'end-of-train' monitoring device and four crewmembers were in the locomotive. Fifteen of the 44 cars derailed. Three tanks cars breached and lost some or all of their contents. Within minutes, large plumes of smoke were emitted from the wreckage and soon thereafter, a large pool of spilled material ignited... Read full case study.

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 Hazmat History Archive

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